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IL Senate Bill 3865


State: Illinois
Signed: May 27, 2022

Effective: May 27, 2022
Chapter: Public Act 102-1030


Senate Bill clarifies that an applicant for a Notary Public commission must be a person who is lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States.

Amends 5 ILCS 312/2-102.
  1. Replaces the words "an alien" with "a person" in 5 ILCS 312/2-102.

Senate Bill 3865 removes the term “an alien” that was previously used to describe an individual who was not a citizen of the United States and replaces it with the more neutral “a person” across the entire Illinois Compiled Statues, including 5 ILCS 312/2-102, the section of the law dealing with the qualifications for a Notary Public commission.

Read the text of Senate Bill 3865.