HI Senate Bill 3002


State: Hawaii
Signed: July 11, 2018

Effective: July 11, 2018
Chapter: Act No. 167


Senate Bill 3002 authorizes public libraries to provide Notary services for a fee.


Amends Section 312-21 of the Hawaii Revised Statutes.

  1. Authorizes the state librarian to designate one or more of a public library's staff to become a Notary.
  2. Provides that Notaries designated by public libraries to perform Notary services may administer oaths or take acknowledgments in nongovernmental matters.
  3. Requires that fees for notarial acts performed by public library staff be charged and received as governmental realizations and deposited into the library fee for enhanced services special fund.

Senate Bill 3002 authorizes the state librarian to designate one or more public library employees to be a Notary Public. According to the Hawaii Senate Committee on Education's report, the Hawaii State Public Library System staff have received requests for Notary services, particularly in rural areas of the state. In order to provide this much-needed service to the public, the bill allows public libraries to charge a fee for performing Notary services that will help to offset expenses incurred from providing these services.

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