DC B21-0112


State: Washington DC
Signed: July 01, 2016

Effective: July 01, 2016
Chapter: Law No. 21-0137


District of Columbia B 112 raises the fees Notaries may charge, at minimum, to $5 per notarial act.


Amends Section 1-1213 of the D.C. Official Code.

  1. Clarifies that the Mayor of the District shall adjust from time to time the schedule of fees to be charged by Notaries; provided that the schedule of fees shall not include a fee in an amount less than the fee established for the act by subsection (c) of Section 1-1213 (which lists the fees for notarial acts).
  2. Strikes the amount of $2 for each notarial act listed in Section 1-1213(c) and replaces it with $5.

Bill 112 effectively raises the fee Notaries may charge in the District to at minimum $5 per notarial act. The bill also modifies a section of the statute which says the Mayor shall adjust from time to time the schedule of fees Notaries may charge by rule, and adds that the fee adjustment shall not be an amount less than the new $5 fee. This means that in the future the Mayor may increase the fees Notaries may charge without having to go back to the Council for the fee increase.

Read B21-0112.