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CO Emergency Rule (2023)


State: Colorado

Effective: May 18, 2023

A new emergency rule filing adjusts in the administrative rule the fee for a remote online notarial act that was established in Senate Bill 23-153.

Amends Rule 5.2.7 of Title 8, Chapter 1505-11 of the Colorado Code of Regulations.

  1. Increases the maximum fee a Remote Notary Public may charge for the Notary’s electronic signature from $10 to $25.

This emergency rule revision is intended to ensure uniform and proper administration, implementation, and enforcement of Colorado Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts. Specifically, the Department of State temporarily adopts this rule revision to immediately update by rule the fee increase established in Senate Bill 23-153, which clarifies that the fee a Notary may charge for their electronic signature has increased from ten dollars to twenty-five dollars. This rule revision is effective immediately and is incorporated into a proposed permanent rule that the Department has put out for comment.

Read the emergency rule.