CA Senate Bill 676

Notary Law Update: CA Senate Bill 676

State: California


Senate Bill 676 raises the maximum fee a county recorder may charge for recording the first page of a document from $4 to $10. The fee of $3 for recording each additional page remains unchanged.

Signed:  October 11, 2009

Effective:  January 01, 2010

Chapter: 606


Amends Section 27361 of the California Government Code

  1. Authorizes a county recorder to increase the maximum fee for recording the first page of a document from $4 to $10.

The increased recording fees enacted in Senate Bill 676 only indirectly affect Notaries. While Notaries typically do not pay the fees to record the documents they notarize, nevertheless, effective January 1, 2010, any multi-page mortgage or deed of trust, power of attorney, subordination agreement, etc. that is acknowledged before a Notary and subsequently recorded in the land records will be charged the new higher fee. Note, the fee is increased for recording the first page only; all pages other than the first will be charged $3 per page. The new fee increase also affects one-page documents, such as most grant and quitclaim deeds.

This bill serves as a reminder that a California Notary’s use of “loose” certificates that are smaller than 8½ by 11 inches in size or that contain very small type may result in a signer having to pay a penalty to a recorder.

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