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CA Assembly Bill 474

Notary Law Update: CA Assembly Bill 474

State: California

Assembly Bill 474 makes technical changes to Government Code 8201.5.

Signed:  October 07, 2021

Effective:  January 01, 2022

Chapter: 615

Amends Government Code Section 8201.5.

  1. Makes technical changes to Government Code Section 8201.5.

Assembly Bill 474 makes simple, non-substantive changes to the section of the California Notary statute requiring an applicant for a Notary commission to complete an application and submit a photograph of their person. The changes are stylistic only (changing “his or her” to “applicant’s, thereby making the language gender-neutral). There also is a pointer reference change from Government Code 6252, which provided the definition of “local agency”, to Government Code Section 7920.510.

Read the text of Assembly Bill 474.

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