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CA Assembly Bill 474


State: California
Signed: October 07, 2021

Effective: January 01, 2022
Chapter: 615

Assembly Bill 474 makes technical changes to Government Code 8201.5.
Amends Section 8201.5 of the California Government Code.
  1. Makes technical changes to Government Code Section 8201.5.

Assembly Bill 474 makes simple, non-substantive changes to the section of the California Notary statute requiring an applicant for a Notary commission to complete an application and submit a photograph of their person. The changes are stylistic only (changing “his or her” to “applicant’s, thereby making the language gender-neutral). There also is a pointer reference change from Government Code 6252, which provided the definition of “local agency”, to Government Code Section 7920.510.

Read Assembly Bill 474.