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CA Assembly Bill 287


State: California
Signed: September 23, 2021

Effective: January 01, 2022
Chapter: 264

Assembly Bill 287 makes non-substantive changes to California’s statute of limitations for Notary Public bonds.

Amends Section 338(f) of the Code of Civil Procedure.

  1. Makes amendments to Code of Civil Procedure 338(f) that make the statute read better but does not change its meaning.

A statute of limitations is a law that sets the maximum amount of time for a person to file a lawsuit. There is such a statute governing the time limit for lawsuits against a Notary’s bond and it is found in the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 338(f). It is a densely worded law, which perhaps explains the attempt of Assembly Bill 287 to make it slightly more understandable. Generally, this law states that an action against a Notary’s bond must be commenced within 3 years, but actions based on malfeasance or misfeasance must be commenced within 1 year from discovery or 3 years from the performance of the notarial act, whichever is later. In any case, any action must be commenced within 6 years, or it cannot be brought.

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