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AZ Administrative Rule (R18-01)

Notary Law Update: AZ Administrative Rule (R18-01)

State: Arizona


A new administrative rule raises the fees Arizona Notaries may charge and prescribes other requirements when charging fees.

Effective:  March 05, 2018

Chapter: N/A


Amends R2-12-1102 of the Arizona Administrative Code

  1. Reinforces that a Notary Public must keep posted a fee schedule at all times in a conspicuous location, as required under A.R.S. § 38-412.
  2. Specifies the fees Notaries may charge from “no charge” to $10 per Notary signature for an acknowledgment or jurat, or per notarial act for an oath or affirmation, and from “no charge” to $10 per page certified for a copy certification.
  3. Requires a Notary to select a standard fee, from “no charge” up to the maximum $10 fee for a notarial act, and to be consistent when charging fees and posting the fee schedule in a conspicuous location.
  4. Requires Notaries to use a template in Exhibit 1 in posting fees.
  5. Requires Notaries to inform the requestor of Notary service of the fee for the service, if any, before performing any notarial act.
  6. Prescribes a template for posting fees required by law.

It has been 21 years since the fees Notaries may charge were raised in a rule adopted by the Secretary of State. The new rule raises the maximum fee Notaries may charge from $2 to $10. The rule is careful to specify that the maximum fee for an acknowledgment or jurat is "per Notary signature," for an oath or affirmation "per notarial act," and for a copy certification, "per page copied." But the increase in the maximum fee is only one particular provision of this new rule. The new rule also requires Notaries to select a fee from "no charge" up to the maximum fee and be consistent in charging the fee at all times. It also requires the fee schedule a Notary must post to conform to Exhibit 1 of the rule. Finally, the new rule requires Notaries to inform the requestor of the notarial act the amount of the fee to be charged, if the Notary charges a fee.

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