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AR Senate Bill 437


State: Arkansas
Signed: March 25, 2021

Effective: August 02, 2021
Chapter: Act No. 479


Senate Bill 437 makes non-substantive amendments to two Notary statutes, Arkansas Code 21-14-101 and 21-14-102.


Amends Sections 21-14-101 and 21-14-102 of the Arkansas Code.

  1. Strikes an effective date that is no longer relevant.
  2. Adds the word “legal” and “adjoining” to provisions that refer to a legal resident of an adjoining state who operates a business in Arkansas who qualifies to receive a Notary commission.
  3. Makes technical changes.

Senate Bill 437 mops up two places in Arkansas’ Notary statutes. The first is to remove an effective date set by Act No. 2274 of 2005 (Senate Bill 337) that is no longer relevant. The other is to true up several provisions in the statutes that refer to legal residents of adjoining states who operate businesses in Arkansas. Such individuals qualify for an Arkansas Notary commission.

Read Senate Bill 437.