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AR Senate Bill 212


State: Arkansas
Signed: March 02, 2023

Effective: March 02, 2023
Chapter: Act No. 186


Removes the notarization requirement for certain background checks.

Amends Sections 9-28-409, 20-38-104, and 21-15-107 of the Arkansas Statutes.
  1. Removes the notarization requirement for a criminal records check required for the licensing of child welfare agencies.
  2. Requires a criminal background check form for persons applying for employment with a state agency or incumbent employees in designated positions that is created by the Identification Bureau of the Division of Arkansas State Police to have the notarized signature or the non-notarized electronic signature of the subject.

Senate Bill 212 waives the notarization requirement for background checks involving the licensure of child welfare agencies. Instead of a notarized signature, an electronic signature that is not notarized is now required. The bill has another section related to applicants for positions in state government and incumbent employees of designated positions that has been amended to allow either the notarized signature of the individual or the individual’s electronic signature (without notarization).

Read Senate Bill 212.