WY House Bill 19

Notary Law Update: WY House Bill 19

State: Wyoming


House Bill 19 raises the fees Notaries may charge from $2 to $5.

Signed:  March 10, 2014

Effective:  July 01, 2014

Chapter: 58


Amends Wyoming Statutes Section 34-26-302


Raises the fees a Notary may charge from $2 to $5 for acknowledgments, jurats, oaths and affirmations, witnessing or attesting signatures, certifying or attesting copies of documents, verifications upon oath or affirmation and protests.


It’s always a great day when a state legislature raises the fees Notaries may charge. In this case, Wyoming brings its fees in line with many states that have raised its fees over the past few years. The statute makes it easy for Notaries to remember by assigning the same revised fee to every type of notarial act they may perform. An amendment to the bill in the House revised the effective date from immediately upon enactment to July 1, 2014.

Read the bill text.

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