NE Legislative Bill 348


State: Nebraska
Signed: June 02, 2005

Effective: June 02, 2005


Legislative Bill 348 repeals the authority of a Notary Public to punish witnesses to a civil suit for contempt.


Amends Nebraska Revised Statutes 64-108.

  1. Repeals the power of Notaries to punish witnesses for neglect or refusal to obey a court summons, or for refusal to testify in a civil suit when present, by commitment to the county jail for contempt.

Nebraska is one of a handful of states that allows Notaries the rare power to issue summons to and command the presence of witnesses in a civil suit. While retaining this power, the new law repeals the authority of Notaries to punish witnesses for contempt, a duty that is out of the scope of the normal official witnessing functions of Notaries today.

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