MT Senate Bill 141


State: Montana
Signed: June 24, 2014

Effective: June 24, 2014
Chapter: 123


Senate Bill 141 allows a Notary to use either the words "Notary Public" or "Notarial Seal" in the Notary's official seal.


Amends Montana Code Annotated Section 1-5-416.

  1. Permits Notaries to use either “Notary Public” or “Notarial Seal” as a required element of the official inking stamp or embossing seal. (Previously, the law allowed only the words “Notarial Seal.”) 

This is a sensible change, because the word “Notarial” is not a familiar one to many people. The required elements of the Montana Notary seal are now: (1) the name of the Notary (exactly as it appears on the commission); (2) “Notary Public” or “Notarial Seal”; and  (3) “State of Montana”.

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