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MS Administrative Rule 2022 (Identification)


State: Mississippi

Effective: June 24, 2022

A revised administrative rule clarifies identification a Notary may accept to perform a notarial act.
Amends Title 1, Part 5, Chapter 5, Rule 5.8 of the Mississippi Administrative Code.
  1. Strikes Subsection 6 in Rule 5.8 which said a current and unexpired driver’s license or nondriver identification card issued by a state of the United States may be used to identify a principal for a notarial act.

The effect of the latest rule revision in Mississippi is to remove what essentially was a duplicate provision. Another subsection in Rule 5.8 authorizes a Notary to accept a driver's license or nondriver identification card issued by a state or territory of Canada or Mexico, which is current and unexpired, provided it uses letters, characters and a language that are read, written, and understood by the Notary. Since this provision was the more substantive provision, prior Subsection (6) (see Changes, above) was removed. Thus, the removal of this particular provision doesn’t materially affect Mississippi Notaries in practice.

Read the adopted administrative rule.