LA Senate Bill 381


State: Louisiana
Signed: June 02, 2016

Effective: June 02, 2016
Chapter: Act No. 349


Senate Bill 381 provides for the appointment of ex officio Notaries Public for the Causeway Police Department.


Adds Section 35:415 to the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

  1. Authorizes the chief of police of the Causeway Police Department to designate 10 officers as ex officio Notaries Public.
  2. Authorizes these ex officio Notaries to administer oaths and to execute affidavits, acknowledgments and traffic tickets for matters limited within the official functions of the department and within the parishes in which the department has jurisdiction.
  3. Provides that an ex officio notary appointed by the chief of police of Causeway Police Department shall perform Notary functions without compensation.
  4. Provides that the chief of police may suspend or terminate an appointment as an ex officio Notary Public at any time.
  5. Provides that appointment as an ex officio Notary Public automatically terminates with a separation from employment.

Louisiana law authorizes many state or local government departments to appoint "ex officio" Notaries Public for the purpose of providing notarial services for the respective departments. Unlike regularly-commissioned Louisiana Notaries, ex officio Notaries usually have limited powers and must not charge for their services. Senate Bill 381 allows for the appointment of such ex officio Notaries within the Causeway Police Department.

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