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LA House Bill 307


State: Louisiana
Signed: June 01, 2021

Effective: June 01, 2021
Chapter: Act No. 24

House Bill 307 repeals the semiannual reporting requirement of providers of Notary Public examination preparatory courses.
Amends Section 35:191.4 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.
  1. Repeals the semiannual reporting requirement of providers of Notary examination preparatory courses.

Under previous law, a provider of Notary Public examination preparation courses was required to submit semiannual reports to the Secretary of State on a form provided by the Secretary of State that prescribed the contents of the required report. The contents included the name and address of each person receiving training from the provider. House Bill 307 strikes this semiannual reporting requirement but leaves in place the annual registration statement reporting requirement prescribed by RS 35:191.4.C.

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