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Texas Application Instructions

Please follow the instructions carefully and fill out all fields, or use the Texas Notary Application Wizard to complete your application,

Both sides and all fields are required. Please hover over each highlighted letter for details on each field.

a b c d

A. Identifying Information
The Secretary of State mandates the disclosure of your Social Security number to maintain Notary records. Make any corrections to the pre-filled data directly on the form or print a blank application at

B. Statements Relating to Qualification
The applicant swears to meeting the qualification requirements. A Notary Public must be at least 18 years of age, be a legal resident of Texas, and meet the criminal history requirements of § 406.004, Texas Government Code.

C. Notary Public Surety Bond
Leave these lines blank. The NNA will complete this section before forwarding your application to the Secretary of State.

D. Execution
Date and sign your name exactly as it appears in the first section.