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Renew as a Texas Notary

Trusted by commissioning authorities nationwide since 1957, the NNA makes renewing as a Notary fast and worry-free.

Notary Public Renewal in Texas

Three Reasons Why the NNA is Your #1 Choice when Renewing as a Notary

  1. Fast, Easy, Worry-Free: Step-by-step checklist and unlimited toll-free access to our Texas Notary experts take the worry out of commissioning and performing your duties. 

  2. Superior Training Helps You Avoid Costly Mistakes: Developed by the nation’s leading experts, our Texas Notary Essentials course protects you against embarrassing, costly mistakes. 

  3. Supply Packages Designed Exclusively for Renewing Notaries: Select from supply packages built by experts who’ve served millions of experienced Notaries just like you – your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Click here to choose the package that is right for you.

Get Started

How to Renew as a Texas Notary in 3 Easy Steps

Order Your State-Required Bond, Official Seal and Supplies  
The NNA will provide everything you need to complete your Texas Notary commission renewal, including your state-required Notary bond, official seal stamp and supplies.

Complete Your State-Required Application and Send it to the NNA  
Download and complete your Texas Notary Public application and bond form, and send it to the NNA. Your $21 state application fee is included with your package. A separate check is not required. The NNA will electronically submit your application and bond form to the Secretary of State with the application fee.

Renew Your Texas Notary Commission
We'll file your application electronically with the Secretary of State and pay your state fee, speeding up your approval.

Your Guide to Renewing as a Texas Notary

Your system truly works.  I have gotten my commission twice with you guys and it's always been easy.

Ana L.

Requirements to Become
a Texas Notary

  • 18 years of age
  • Legal state resident
  • Must read, write and understand English
  • Not convicted of felony or crime of moral turpitude that hasn't been
    dismissed/discharged by law


Since 1957, we’ve helped MILLIONS to renew as Notaries,
more than any other organization in America.

Let us help you with your Texas Notary CommissionGet Started