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Notary Books

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Business Building BundleDetails

Business Building Bundle

Save 20% on these Notary business-building assets!  Satisfy your entrepreneurial spirit by putting your Notary commission to work as a Notary Signing Agent. 

Learn how to build a successful NSA business and bring it to the next level from someone who earns a six-figure income, and how LinkedIn can help you get there.

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NSA Insights BundleDetails

NSA Insights Bundle

Save 15% on titles for starting your NSA business. Want to do something more with your Notary commission? Maybe be your own boss and set your own hours?

Learn how to start an NSA business from someone who earns a six-figure income, and gain useful insight from the questions Notary Signing Agents ask the most.

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NSA Success and Growth BundleDetails

NSA Success and Growth Bundle

Save 20% on our exclusive NSA collection! Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Yearn to grow your NSA business? Set your plans in motion with strategies, insights, and tools to make your dreams come true.

Learn tried-and-true methods for growing a start-up Notary Signing Agent business while armed with the resources to conduct any loan signing successfully.

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NSA Success BundleDetails

NSA Success Bundle

Save 15% on our most popular NSA titles. Jump-start a brand new or advancing career as a Notary Signing Agent with indispensable industry knowledge. 

Get real-world answers to the most-asked NSA questions and familiarize yourself with the documents involved in high-demand loan transactions.

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101 Useful Notary TipsDetails

101 Useful Notary Tips

These tips help you execute smooth, quick and easy notarizations every time.


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5 Steps to a Flawless NotarizationDetails

5 Steps to a Flawless Notarization
NNA Recommended

This handy, easy-to-read guide walks you through the 5 basic steps to completing a flawless notarization.

Perfect for new and not so new Notaries. Keep this guide in your desk or briefcase for quick and easy access and avoid any anxiety about notarizing a document.


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ID Checking Guide: International EditionDetails

ID Checking Guide: International Edition

This is the most comprehensive, printed coverage of international ID documents, covering 175 countries and more than 570 driver’s licenses and identity cards.

Available to commissioned Notaries only. Proof of commission required. Limit one per customer.

Make Your Business Our BusinessDetails

Make Your Business Our Business

This book is your gateway to a new adventure! Written by two successful Notaries, this book is a manual for those who want to be a Notary entrepreneur. 

Whether you are just starting your Notary business, or you are a seasoned Notary Signing Agent, using this book properly can have an enormous, positive impact on building and maintaining a successful Notary business.

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Notary Law & Practice: Cases & MaterialsDetails

Notary Law & Practice: Cases & Materials

Case, law, and subject indexed for all you need to know about Notaries and the unauthorized practice of law.

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Notary Practices & GlossaryDetails

Notary Practices & Glossary

An invaluable guide to proper Notary practices and procedures.

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