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Security & Privacy

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Notary Privacy Guard®Details

Notary Privacy Guard®
NNA Recommended

This journal accessory ensures privacy. The Notary Privacy Guard® prevents signers from seeing sensitive information and also acts as a page marker in your journal.

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Fingerprint Wiping TowelsDetails

Fingerprint Wiping Towels

Remove all traces of fingerprinting ink. 50 per pack.

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Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight Details

Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight

The Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight is used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses and other identifying documents like passports and visas.

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ID TagDetails

ID Tag

Tag your bag with identification! This ID Tag works perfect with our Carry All, or any other travel bag.

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Mini PadlockDetails

Mini Padlock

Secure your NNA Carry All or NNA Messenger Bag with this solid-brass, long lasting mini padlock.

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Notary Carry-AllDetails

Notary Carry-All
Best Seller

Keep your Notary essentials organized in our lightweight, attractive Carry-All. It's compact and made for hand or shoulder carrying.

Zipper Supply PouchDetails

Zipper Supply Pouch

Keeps all your “need-now” items together in one handy pouch. Perfect for Notary seals and embossers.