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Security & Privacy

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Notary Privacy Guard® ClingDetails

Notary Privacy Guard® Cling

Protecting confidential information in your Notary journal from prying eyes is easy with the Notary Privacy Guard®

Made of a sturdy, lightweight vinyl that lays flat across your journal pages, allowing it to lightly cling to pages for ease of use. Also acts as a page marker in your journal.

Compatible with NNA Journals (Excluding Hawaii).

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Carry-All - Legal SizeDetails

Carry-All - Legal Size

Stay organized with this attractive, full legal-size carry-all.  Made of 600D Polyester, this sturdy, lightweight carry-all is large enough to hold your legal-size file folders, your journal and other Notary supplies. 

Carry-All - Letter Size Details

Carry-All - Letter Size

Keep your Notary essentials organized with this attractive, letter-size carry-all. Made of 600D Polyester, this sturdy, lightweight carry-all is large enough to hold your letter-size file folders, your journal and other Notary supplies. 

Fingerprint Wiping TowelsDetails

Fingerprint Wiping Towels

Remove all traces of fingerprinting ink. 50 premoistened individually wrapped towelettes per pack.

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Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight Details

Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight

The Fraud Fighter™ UV Penlight is used to detect counterfeit currency, credit cards, driver licenses and other identifying documents like passports and visas.

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ID TagDetails

ID Tag

Tag your bag with identification! This ID Tag works perfect with our Carry All, or any other travel bag.

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Locking File Tote - Legal SizeDetails

Locking File Tote - Legal Size

Solid, secure Vaultz® tote holds legal-size hanging files and provides ample storage for your journal and other Notary supplies.

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Messenger BagDetails

Messenger Bag

Great for carrying your Notary supplies as well as a laptop, our messenger bag is convenient and comfortable to handle.

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Mini Blackout Stamp Refill Details

Mini Blackout Stamp Refill

This refill is designed to properly fit the Mini Blackout Stamp and uses specially formulated oil-based ink with a pattern specifically designed to mask printed letters. Re-inking your old pad is not recommended as stamp will not work as intended.

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Mini Blackout Stamp with RefillDetails

Mini Blackout Stamp with Refill

A simple and convenient alternative to a paper shredder, this blackout stamp masks long lines of text in a single application to help you keep private information private. The small size of the mini roller fits easily into your desk drawer, pocket or handbag. Includes one replacement ink cartridge.

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