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Training to Help You Reduce Your Company's Risk

Training for Your Notaries

The National Notary Association is the nation's leading provider of Notary training. Through our Trusted Notary® program, the NNA offers a state-specific course that satisfies Notary training requirements. 

Notary Essentials Training

Notary Essentials Training

An untrained Notary is a risk to your organization. Most states don’t require any training for Notaries, and the training they do require is just about the Notary laws for that state. The NNA’s Notary Essentials® 90-minute online training course provides the core information every Notary needs to perform their Notary duties. Notary signings are broken down to five easy steps and provide the information your Notary-employees need to comply with state laws and widely-accepted standards of practice. Upon completion, your employees will be awarded a certificate of completion.

  • Web-accessible tracking allows you to monitor progress and course completion for all your Notaries.
  • Helps you mitigate risk caused by Notary employees' improper or negligent acts.
  • Includes a thorough examination to serve as an objective indicator that your Notaries were effectively trained.

State-Required Notary Public Training

State-Required Notary Public Training

California, Florida, New York and Pennsylvania require Notaries to take training to complete their Notary commission. The NNA has been providing state-approved training to Notaries for over 60 years and can provide a quick and easy training solution for your organization.

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Contact us to see how the NNA and Trusted Notary can help you to establish or improve your organization's Notary compliance program.

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