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Notary training for your employees

Create alignment across your Notary team under a consistent set of skills and knowledge. Developed by the National Notary Association, the online trainings we offer make it easy to manage your team’s development.

Notary Essentials

Most states don’t require any training for Notaries. The ones that do generally focus on the Notary laws for that state. Notary Essentials® covers what your employees must know to comply with state laws plus widely-accepted standards of practice.

  • State-specific versions of the course ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Includes step-by-step best practices all Notaries should perform.
  • Self-paced learning can be completed in 90 to 120 minutes.
  • Confirm learning with a thorough 30‑question knowledge check.

Notary Quick-Start Training

An untrained Notary is a risk to your organization. In states with no education requirement, Notary Quick-Start Training can fill that gap. This course covers notarization best practices that your Notary-employees can learn quickly.

  • Fulfill company compliance standards with effective training.
  • Great as an annual refresher course and for first-time Notaries.
  • Can be completed in 20 minutes, fitting into any schedule.
  • Cement the fundamentals with a 10‑question knowledge check.

Find out about group discounts

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