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Texas Notary Application

Our application wizard makes it easy for you to complete your Texas Notary application and bond form without errors! You'll be able to save it to your NNA profile and print at your convenience, or download a blank application.

1Applicant Information

Notary Name
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Identifying Information
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Social Security Number is required by Texas Government Code §406.

Contact Information
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Please note: Your commission will be emailed to you from You will NOT receive materials by postal mail.

2Commission Information

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3Qualification Statements

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Applicants selecting this option must attach the following for each crime:

  1. copies of court order and sentence, and papers pertaining to release from probation; and
  2. a statement of (i) the nature, circumstances, date, and location, and (ii) whether the case is on appeal.

A conviction for a crime involving moral turpitude OR a FELONY disqualifies you from appointment as a notary public under Texas law.

Statement of Officer
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