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Model eNotarization Act of 2017

Download the Model Electronic Notarization Act of 2017

The Model Electronic Notarization Act (“MENA”) of 2017 is a comprehensive standard and guide for public officials who are establishing rules to govern the notarization of electronic records. It also is the fifth state-of-the-art model act to regulate the performance of notarial acts that has been created and contributed to the public domain by the National Notary Association (“NNA”) over the past half century. These five NNA models wed proven best-practice rules for reliable authenticity and fraud deterrence to the high ethical norms expected of an impartial public officer.

The Model Electronic Notarization Act of 2017 expands and updates the electronic provisions of the 2010 Model Notary Act, reflecting the evolving developments and demands of technology, business and government. The primary intended purpose of the MENA is to set forth a progressive model for state and territorial officials to weave electronic notarization provisions into an existing paper-based regime in order to form an integrated, single system for both electronic and non-electronic notarial acts. It is designed to be implemented either as a “plug-in” update or complete replacement for Article III of the Model Notary Act of 2010.

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