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Why You Should Become a Notary

Smiling female Notary at her desk facing two clients

There are 4.4 million Americans serving as Notaries Public to protect consumers from fraud and identity theft. In fact, they are in such high demand by businesses, industries and private individuals that there is one Notary for every 72 people in the country.

Notaries witness and authenticate the signing of our most important transactions, including mortgage documents, powers of attorney, contracts, adoption papers, advance medical directives and other dealings central to our lives and the economy.

Below are the top benefits of becoming a Notary Public.

1. Make a viable income

Whether you decide to become a full-time or part-time Notary, being a Notary allows you to make additional income you wouldn’t have otherwise.

While notarization fees are set by state governments, fees for extra services are up to the Notary. Notaries may consider charging fees for traveling to the signer, accommodating late-night requests and printing documents. Additional ways to make your Notary business profitable is to offer non-Notary services like field inspections and wedding officiants.

In the National Notary Association’s 2023 Notary Survey, 28.2% of mobile Notaries reported it took less than six months to consider their Notary business viable and profitable.

As with any business, the more you invest in marketing your Notary services, the more you’ll attract signers.

2. Enjoy a flexible schedule

Notaries who work for themselves can set their own hours and decide how many appointments they’ll take on for the day. This flexibility in schedule is perfect for home-based entrepreneurs, moonlighters, stay-at-home parents (who can do mobile notarizations in the evening) or anyone looking to make some additional income.

Many people who need notarizations request them after normal business hours, so you can make the most of your evenings or arrange a time that's right for you.

3. Have job security

Notaries have had a long history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Given technological advances with remote notarization and AI, the demand for Notaries is higher than it has ever been. Notaries are in high demand in a variety of industries, including:

  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Technology

In fact, just about every industry uses the services of Notaries, so becoming one will add to your marketable skill sets, improve your resume and increase your value as an employee.

In the workplace, Notaries serve two general functions: Notarizing documents in the back office for co-workers and bosses or notarizing for customers in a bank or their local photocopy and shipping shop. Many employers value employees with Notary skills to handle their document authentication needs and provide customers with top-notch service.

4. Become a Notary Signing Agent

Notary Signing Agents, or Loan Signing Agents, are Notaries with an active commission who have passed a background screening and completed specialized training. An NSA is a trained and certified professional who handles the notarization of loan documents in real estate closings. They are paid at a much higher rate due to the documents they handle. Getting your Notary Public commission puts you one step toward becoming a certified Notary Signing Agent.

For the mortgage finance industry, NSAs serve as the critical final link between the banks and the borrower to complete the loan. They are hired directly by title companies and signing services as independent contractors to ensure that real estate loan documents are signed by the borrower, notarized, and returned for processing. Notaries make a considerable amount of extra income from this line of mortgage finance work, in addition to their work as a mobile Notary.

5. Help your community

America's Notaries Public are known for their spirit of helping those in need. If you are the type of person who enjoys giving back to your community, being a Notary is a great way to support that passion.

Many types of people need notarization services but cannot afford them, like the elderly, homeless, disabled and college students. These groups typically need notarizations for powers of attorney, residency affidavits, advance medical directives, college transcripts and enrollment verifications. A great way to support these groups is to hold events at community centers, retirement homes and campuses to provide free or low-cost notarizations. It's also a great way to network and market yourself for paying clients.

If any of the above scenarios sound intriguing to you, you're definitely the kind of person who should become a Notary Public. Get familiar with the qualifications and requirements and get started with your application today!

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