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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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LegislationOct 29, 2023 - Arizona
AZ Senate Bill 1291 - Senate Bill 1291 allows an adult to enter into a supported decision-making agreement that must be signed in the presence of two or more adult witnesses or a Notary Public.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD House Bill 636 - House Bill 636 authorizes the Notary's business e-mail address to be public information and if the Notary doesn't have one, the Notary's personal e-mail address.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD House Bill 630 - House Bill 630 authorizes qualified third party to make a report, which must be notarized, concerning a victim of abuse for the purpose of terminating a contract with a utility and all future liability under a utility contract.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD Senate Bill 792 - Senate Bill 792 allows two individuals toregister a domestic partnership by filing a declaration of domestic partnership, which must be notarized, with the register of wills in the county in which the domestic partners are domiciled.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Connecticut
CT Senate Bill 1040 - Connecticut, one of the last states without a remote online notarization statute, has remedied that by enacting Senate Bill 1040.

LegislationOct 01, 2023 - Maryland
MD Senate Bill 67 - Senate Bill 67 requires appointees for a civil commission, including Notary commissions, to contact the clerk of the circuit court to coordinate a time and place to take the oath of office and receive the commission.

Rule/Regulation Sep 27, 2023 - Iowa
IA Administrative Rules (2023) - As part of a five-year review of Iowa rules, the Secretary of State has readopted the Notary Public and Remote Notary Public rules with only minor technical amendments.

LegislationSep 01, 2023 - Colorado
CO Senate Bill 153 - Senate Bill 153 adds a broad authorization for interpreters to be used during notarial acts and provides rules and protections for the use of interpreters. It also raises the fees Notaries may charge.

LegislationSep 01, 2023 - Alabama
AL Senate Bill 322 - Senate Bill 322 initiates several regulatory changes, including a new mandatory training requirement and an increased surety bond, for Alabama Notaries.

LegislationSep 01, 2023 - Texas
TX Senate Bill 2186 - Senate Bill 2186 addresses concerns with respect to executing anatomical gift records by adding the ability to have these documents notarized, but removes the notarization requirement for online registrations.