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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Virginia
VA House Bill 986 - House Bill 986 increases the maximum fees a Notary may charge.

LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Mississippi
MS Senate Bill 2519 - Senate Bill 2519 limits land ownership by individuals from countries designated by the U.S. government as foreign adversaries and absolves Notaries Public from a duty to inquire into whether an individual is from a foreign adversary in such transactions.

LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Virginia
VA House Bill 1372 - House Bill 1372 now authorizes Notaries to use knowledge-based authentication to identify a principal or credible witness in a remote online notarization and enacts provisions on the validity of notarial acts.

LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Kentucky
KY House Bill 488 - House Bill 488 requires signatures to be acknowledged before a Notary on any amendment, renewal, modification, or extension of a recorded mortgage, and a memorandum of function as an extension of a lien in a recorded deed.

LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Tennessee
TN House Bill 647 - House Bill 647 requires a party requesting certain patient medical records, as specified, is responsible for reasonable costs of copying and mailing or transmitting the records, and for a flat Notary fee of not more than $20.

LegislationJul 01, 2024 - Florida
FL House Bill 761 - House Bill 761 removes the requirement that certain petitions of injunction for protection against domestic violence be sworn to before a Notary Public.

LegislationJun 05, 2024 - Washington
WA Senate Bill 5787 - Senate Bill 5787 enacts the Uniform Electronic Estate Planning Documents Act, authorizing a Notary or notarial officer to notarize a nontestementary estate planning document.

LegislationJun 04, 2024 - West Virginia
WV Senate Bill 477 - Senate Bill 477 provides a means for a health care worker to request in writing a nondisclosure of personal information on the Internet that must be notarized.

LegislationMay 06, 2024 - Tennessee
TN Senate Bill 2448 - Senate Bill 2448 directs the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations to study real estate fraud in Tennessee and provide suggested statutory proposals to reduce the risk of real estate fraud.

LegislationMay 01, 2024 - Utah
UT House Bill 25 - House Bill 25 redefines “electronic notarization” to include in-person electronic notarial acts performed on documents that are filed with a county recorder and makes modifications to certain seal provisions to reflect this expanded definition.