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New Notary Laws

Use this database to find updated Notary laws and regulations in your state or jurisdiction.

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Rule/Regulation Apr 30, 2024 - Colorado
CO Administrative Rule (2024) - The Colorado Secretary of State has adopted an administrative rule regarding matters related to fees that will affect all Notaries who charge fees and independent contractors who are Notary Signing Agents.

LegislationApr 22, 2024 - Georgia
GA Senate Bill 483 - Georgia enacts the Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children, which requires a notarized certification for certain child placements involving private adoption agency.

LegislationMar 31, 2024 - Wisconsin
WI Assembly Bill 1099 - Assembly Bill 1099 corrects a conflict regarding the information that must appear in the Notary’s official stamp and makes other amendments relating to the official stamp.

LegislationMar 23, 2024 - Wisconsin
WI Senate Bill 898 - Wisconsin authorizes and enacts rules for the remote notarization of estate planning documents.

LegislationMar 23, 2024 - Wisconsin
WI Senate Bill 626 - Senate Bill 626 creates a new exemption from the list of prohibited documents on which a remote notarial act may not be performed.

Rule/Regulation Mar 04, 2024 - Vermont
VT Emergency Rules (March 2024) - The Vermont Secretary of State renews its emergency remote notarization rules for another 180 days and adds to them provisions related to electronic records.

LegislationFeb 02, 2024 - West Virginia
WV House Bill 5332 - House Bill 5332 waives the high school diploma or equivalent requirement for Notaries commissioned prior to January 1, 2018.

Rule/Regulation Jan 22, 2024 - Maryland
MD Administrative Regulations (2024) - A new regulation from the Maryland Secretary of State raises the commission application fee, but also raises fees Notaries may charge for their services.

Rule/Regulation Jan 10, 2024 - New York
NY Administrative Regulations (2024) - A regulation adopted by the New York Office of Information Services clarifies that Notaries performing notarial acts on electronic records must identify a signer and use an electronic signature that complies with regulations issued by the Department of State.

LegislationJan 01, 2024 - Oregon
OR House Bill 2329 - House Bill 2329 authorizes a Notary to notarize the signature of a principal on a document for appointment of person to make decisions concerning disposition of remains and declaration for mental health treatment.