How the American Notary Office Impacts You

Developments over the past 12 months have resulted in unprecedented national exposure of the Notary office. Never before has it been so vital for Notaries Public to understand regulations, navigate challenges, and capitalize on growing opportunities.

The National Notary Association’s State of the Notary Public Office 2011 report examines important issues and challenges facing Notaries today. These include the consequences of recent court decisions on liability for improper notarizations, efforts to legalize online notarizations, and the ever-present need to define the role played by a Notary to secure our nation’s most critical transactions.

The State of the Notary Public Office 2011 addresses:

  • The Notary’s role in and relevance to the “robo-signing” foreclosure crisis
  • Notary and employer liability precedents following the Vancura court decision
  • Legislative opportunities through the Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts (RULONA)
  • Expanding opportunities for Notaries to advance their careers

The report is free for members, non-members, and employers. Read it to learn what is driving and redefining the American Notary office in 2011.


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