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Notary Books

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2019 NNA Keesing Documentchecker Guide Details

2019 NNA Keesing Documentchecker Guide
NNA Recommended

An essential guide for checking US and Canadian identification documents. All the information you need for each ID is on one page in this easy-to-use, spiral-bound, lay-flat format. The information in this guide is valid through February 29, 2020.


Professor Closen's Notary Best Practices Expert's Guide to Notarization of Documents Details

Professor Closen's Notary Best Practices Expert's Guide to Notarization of Documents

Just Published!  This book focuses on the most frequent and most important notarial responsibility, to notarize traditional documents. It was written to inspire and foster today's notary to always perform thorough and sound document notarizations.

State laws are sometimes vague or non-existent, so more than 230 best practice standards are included in this book that, [1] tell notaries what to do, [2] tell notaries how to do it, and [3] tell notaries why to do it.

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The Complete How-To Guide for NotariesDetails

The Complete How-To Guide for Notaries
NNA Recommended

The most comprehensive and practical self-education tool ever developed for Notaries, explaining how to perform virtually any notarial act.

When state laws are vague or incomplete, a Notary should follow rules of prudence and common sense. This guide points out procedures that are dictated by custom, common sense, and good business practice.

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The Notary Signing Agent’s Loan Documents SourcebookDetails

The Notary Signing Agent’s Loan Documents Sourcebook

The Notary Signing Agent’s Loan Documents Sourcebook is a must-have resource for both the beginner and veteran signing agent.

Contains detailed information and sample loan packages for the five main types of loan transactions in addition to examples of various affidavits, convenyance deeds, security instruments, and other common and not-so-common forms NSAs routinely encounter.

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101 Useful Notary TipsDetails

101 Useful Notary Tips

These tips help you execute smooth, quick and easy notarizations every time.


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5 Steps to a Flawless NotarizationDetails

5 Steps to a Flawless Notarization
NNA Recommended

This handy, easy-to-read guide walks you through the 5 basic steps to completing a flawless notarization.

Perfect for new and not so new Notaries. Keep this guide in your desk or briefcase for quick and easy access and avoid any anxiety about notarizing a document.


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ID Checking Guide: International EditionDetails

ID Checking Guide: International Edition

This is the most comprehensive, printed coverage of international ID documents, covering 180 countries and more than 600 driver’s licenses and identity cards. Available to commissioned Notaries only. Proof of commission required. The information in this guide is valid through December 31, 2020. Limit one per customer.


Make Your Business Our BusinessDetails

Make Your Business Our Business

This book is your gateway to a new adventure! Written by two successful Notaries, this book is a manual for those who want to be a Notary entrepreneur. 

Whether you are just starting your Notary business, or you are a seasoned Notary Signing Agent, using this book properly can have an enormous, positive impact on building and maintaining a successful Notary business.

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Notary Law & Practice: Cases & MaterialsDetails

Notary Law & Practice: Cases & Materials

Case, law, and subject indexed for all you need to know about Notaries and the unauthorized practice of law.

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Notary Practices & GlossaryDetails

Notary Practices & Glossary

An invaluable guide to proper Notary practices and procedures.

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Remote Webcam NotarizationDetails

Remote Webcam Notarization

This book is mostly intended to make Notaries who perform webcam notarizations (or Cyber-Notaries) aware of the sensible side of the cyber-environment, and how protection of the cyber-environment depends on cyber-notaries following proper steps and by developing good habits when performing cyber-notarizations.

Currently, only four states have authorized this practice: Virginia, Montana, Texas and Nevada.

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Sorry No Can Do!Details

Sorry No Can Do!

Avoid the haggling between you and your customers over what you can and can't notarize. You don't make the rules, but sometimes your signers may think you do.

This book includes complete answers to signers' everyday requests for improper notarizations. It's for you to show them when you can't notarize their document.


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Why Coolidge Matters: How Civility in Politics Can Bring a Nation TogetherDetails

Why Coolidge Matters: How Civility in Politics Can Bring a Nation Together

Explore a presidency built on the ideals of integrity, ethical standards and commitment to the people, and the compelling kinship between Coolidge and the very principles that define what Notaries do every day.

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