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Style Stamp
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Style Stamp


Use on any document that requires your official Notary seal. The transparent stamp chamber allows you to see exactly where your stamp will be positioned. Available in a variety of colors.

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Our Crystal Clear Style Stamp combines the transparent stamp chamber with our Crystal Clear stamp casing for a legible, easy & smooth impression. This stamp is an official Notary seal.

This seal goes hand in hand with all of our journals, making the Crystal Clear Stamp one of the top sellers.

This stamp comes with black ink.
Purple ink in Tennessee & Utah Only


Download re-inking instructions for your Crystal Clear stamp.


All Style Stamps purchased at the National Notary Association are guaranteed for the length of your state’s commission.

Visit our Notary stamp Information page for more information on your NNA seal.

Note: The average NNA seal will last for approximately 50,000 impressions. Seal impression size: 2-5/16" x 7/8"

Style Stamp Specifications
Impression Size 2-5/16" x 7/8"

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27 Reviews
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1 star 17
This stamp is Horrible. Buy only if you want uneven, faded, blurry, not dark stamps. I have refilled the ink numerous times and it still sucks at life.
July 05, 2016McKenzie
Doesn't even warrant a single star. Customer service is terrible. I will be out of work as a Notary public for 2.5 weeks @ 10 notarizations a day(on average). Not really willing to help at all other than saying return the stamp for a new one or wait for the State to send a new Cert to Manufacture which will take just as long plus them finally getting on to make the stamp. Stamp I had bought 3 years back was perfect each time, don't know why they would change to an inferior product. Honestly, should have listened to the reviews about this one!!!
June 23,
I just received this stamp, and it is awful. I have stamped it over and over again and unable to receive consistent results. I never ever had a problem with the stamp I got 4 years ago, but I am now extremely nervous about using this one.Very disappointing.
March 15, 2016Sarah
This stamp is horrible!! Always uneven inking. I never know if it is going to turn out legible or not. I usually have to redo documents and I always have to test the stamp before placing it on any documents...
March 03, 2016Melissa McClintock
Enough with the complaints. I've been a member of NNA before. I never had any problems with their products or service. I went with someone else last time I renew and I regret it. I have had to replace that seal 3 times. Never had to with NNA. I'm ordering mine now to be complaint with Texas law and renewing my membership.
February 26, 2016JS ALVARADO
I WISH I WOULD HAVE READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE NOW!!! This is the worst representation of a stamp I have ever seen. The people were unhelpful and unwilling to offer any assistance when their item is not what they display here on this page. ** DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN EXPIRATION DATE ON YOUR STAMP.**
February 04,
I agree with everyone here. Uneven stamping and worst of all, you can’t re-ink it. So now I have to buy another. Complete rip off.
January 25,
I've had to redo and redo and redo documents. This stamp is dangerous, especially when I'm out on a signing. I have had to replace pages with the Borrower's copy because of the smudgy, poor impressions of this stamp. I hold my breath EVERY time I use it. I am ordering another style and if its better I will be returning this one. I see a couple people had no problem ... lucky them!
January 25,
How do I go about ording stamp I have my notary on-line Interactive Education Program compleated what chould i do next to get started?
January 25, 2016Lisa Murray
I too, have trouble getting an even impression. I have nothing good to say about this stamp as it is making me buy another one.
January 14,
This is the worst stamp and it should be removed from the site to prevent others from getting ripped off. They could not have designed a more horrific stamp in this age and time. How did this pass QA? Bad design and like everyone else I wish I read the review. Deserves a ZERO star.
December 21, 2015Ruby T
Ink bleeds through paper and edges become blurry after a day or so. Had paperwork sent back to me because of the poor quality of the stamp.
October 01,
This stamp is only slightly better than the round elite stamp from this site. I don't understand why they don't offer better quality stamps from this website. Like the other stamp, this one falls apart, leaks & is a pain to deal with. The "Pacific Blue" does not have blue ink; the plastic casing is the only thing blue. Also, the stamp is rectangular & no one we work with recognizes it as an acceptable stamp. I'm constantly questioned about its shape & have even had a document with a rectangular stamp be questioned as a falsified document. I am very disappointed with the lack of detailed product descriptions & the poor quality of the 2 stamps I ordered through this site.
September 22,
I am completely disappointed with this stamp. I have changed it twice and the ink bleeds making the notarized document a mess. The area with the notary information is smaller than previous years stamps and on top of this it has an additional line advertising the NNA. which is very un professional. Been a member of the NNA does not mean that the stamp becomes a marketing product for NNA. I consider this very disrespectful.
August 06, 2015Sara
This stamp is the worst ever. I have to stamp on a separate piece of paper a few times and then stamp the document, in order to get a good impression. If I don't it will be smudged and unclear. The recommended ink does not work well with this. I've had my stamp for about a year or so and just now having to re-ink it. These are the results I get with it. If I could choose a better stamp right now, I would have them make me a new one. It does it's job, but I am quite frustrated with it.
August 04, 2015Erica
Stamp works great. Renewed 2 times. No issues.
July 30, 2015George
I was excited to receive this in the mail today, as I want to replace my embosser. I'm disappointed already, and I haven't even used it. Like some of the others, I wish I had read the reviews first! The image is very plain and unprofessional looking. And I have not been able to get an even impression. I don't plan to use it. I hope I can get my money back, but if not, I will still order a different stamp.
July 28, 2015Stephanie Hurley
Not a good stamp at all. Sometimes faded or too "inky" when used. It is very messy to refill. Would not have purchased this had I read any of the reviews. Do not waste your money on this!
June 19, 2015Donna Watson
Very disappointing! Wish I would have read the reviews before. Every stamp I do is uneven and looks terrible, no matter how many times I practice it beforehand.
June 18,
Am very upset that the Stamp was terrible from the first stamp. Yes, absolutely unbalanced! My old one still works marvelously. (I do not think I got it from NNA. Because NNA has my original of the Certificate of Authorization, it is easier for me to have to order AGAIN through NNA. UNLESS NNA will return my Original Certificate of Authorization! This is a defective stamp!!! Joyce H. Morita
June 06, 2015Joyce H. Morita
Horrible stamp. Impressions are not even; has been rejected before. Have to press extremely hard to make sure I get an acceptable impression. Should not be sold again.
April 26, 2015Rosalyn
This stamp fell apart during a signing last night. Mind you it is over four years old but it was embarrassing in front of my clients. I also agree in that there are not "clear" directions in how to re-ink the stamp. I did what made sense and hoped for the best!
March 19, 2015Linda Ann Smith
The "Style Stamp" does not have a picture of the seal on it. Very disappointed and will not use the stamp. Very polite customer service rep. said it complied with state law, but it is not what looks right, and I can see it being rejected by processing centers if I don't use a separate seal.
March 16, 2015Katherine L. Berry
I could not find any direction on how to Re-Ink the Stamp. Looked for hours and could not find anywhere. RBG
March 05, 2015Rebecca Grant
I am very disappointed in this stamp. The appearance is very cheap and unprofessional looking. The border makes it overpowering of the space provided in a lot of circumstances. Customer Service was of no help at all and at an additional almost $23 upcharge this is unacceptable. Will not be ordering stamps again unless this is corrected.
February 23, 2015MJ Harr
Very disappointed in the appearance of the impression. It looks extremely cheap and the State of Texas emblem is very plain and unprofessional looking. I will not order this product ever again.
February 20, 2015NATALEE MARTINEZ
I love this stamp. I purchased the predecessor of this stamp about 3 years ago (yellow one). The impressions are great and I can no longer do without the clear case to be able to more easily gauge where the stamp will actually show on the paper (especially where there is not much room allowed for a stamp). I like the colors not only because they are fun, but because it is so much easier to pick out my notary stamp when I open my desk drawer because the color sticks out. It is still quite usable after three years but now I have to get a new one.
September 30, 2014Deb McIlheran

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