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There are more reasons than ever to renew your partnership with the NNA 
Your partnership with the NNA guarantees direct access to the industry's best resources, support and networking opportunities. Dedicated to our members' growth and prosperity, we can help you thrive in your role as a Notary, and grow your career.

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Networking Opportunities

The NNA's social media platforms keep you in contact with your colleagues and industry experts nationwide. 

Credibility in the Industry

Use the NNA Member logo on your business card, website and email signature to identify yourself as a trusted NNA Member.

New Law Alerts

NNA New Law Alert emails keep you in-the-know and help you easily adapt to law changes in your state. 

Downloadable Notary Certificate Forms

Always up-to-date. Download any of your state's Notary Certificate Forms at any time - FREE of charge.

Industry Resources

The weekly Notary Bulletin, expert-led webinars, how-to tutorials and state Notary Law Summaries.

The National Notary Magazine

Addresses pertinent cutting-edge notarial issues in depth, and features industry updates and vital how-to’s to help guide you.

NNA® Hotline

Get answers to all of your notarization questions from our experts.


Partner Programs

Save big on everything from shipping, copying and tax services to groceries, major retailers and movie tickets.

Real-Time Compliance Guide

All your state's current requirements right at your fingertips with the U.S. Notary Reference Manual Online.