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Indiana Notary Primer

We're sorry. Indiana Notary Primer is not available for use by notaries in Virginia. If the chosen state is incorrect, you may change your state at the top right of the page.

In easy-to-understand terms, the Indiana Notary Primer is an invaluable resource that helps decipher the many laws and regulations that affect notarizations in the state of Indiana. 2nd Edition.


  • Details

    The Indiana Notary Primer is an essential, everyday reference tool for Indiana Notaries who want to perform their official duties confidently and according to law. It takes you through the important aspects of Indiana's Notary laws, regulations and best practices, and puts them into easy-to-understand terms.

    This complete resource includes:

    • Qualifications for becoming an Indiana Notary Public and how to renew your Notary appointment
    • Legal certificate wording for all notarial acts
    • Official seal and bond requirements
    • The complete text of Indiana's Notary laws

    Whether you're about to be appointed for the first time or are a longtime Notary, The Indiana Notary Primer will provide you with new insight and understanding of your official duties.

  • Product Specs
    Indiana Notary Primer Specifications
    Number of Pages 75+ pages
    Product Information

    5-1/4" W x 8-1/4" H


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