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Introducing The Signing Professionals Workgroup

The Signing Professionals Workgroup is made up of leading mortgage lenders, title companies, signing services and the National Notary Association. A list of member companies can be found at the Workgroup’s website,

The Workgroup is seeking new members as it continues its work. Anyone interested in participating may apply via the Workgroup’s website.

Michael Lewis is Managing Editor at the National Notary Association.


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Ira Krol

08 Jul 2014

super Experience Notary

Gordon Woods

09 Oct 2014

I'm referring to the NSA 45 question exam. Since NNA and Title companies want us to be knowledgeable about our jobs why don't they give us the correct answers to the question we miss so we can learn from it. For that matter we don't even know what questions we got wrong. I just took the test and got 43 out of 45 correct. However it would be nice to know at least what questions I got wrong so I can learn from it. This should be revised. Thanks, Gordon Woods

Martha Bailey

21 Oct 2014

I took the exam for recertification and got 43 of 45 right. I do not understand why the missed questions cannot be revealed so that I can learn from my mistakes and get them right next year.

Adrianna Escalas

27 Nov 2014

I feel same as Ms. Bailey and Mr. Gordon - I've done test 2 times and failed. I sure would like to know which one I am missing so I can learn more - I just going on circle because many of the questions ,yes, are very tricky as question number 1 for instance, well both A and D - both I complete and sign!!!!!!!!!! don't understand!!!!!!!!!

08 Jan 2015

The SPW site says as follows: "The SPW has determined that as of this time a preparatory training course is not required to earn the Certified Signing SpecialistTM designation. However, education providers may offer courses for those candidates who desire training or as a tool to help candidates prepare to take the Certified Signing SpecialistTM examination." This all seems double speak to me. SPW doesn't require a preparatory training course to pass the exam. But we're required to take the exam every year and pass at 80% WITHOUT knowing what's on the exam or what areas we are lacking? This all sounds like another way of culling the heard to get rid of notaries from an attorney field and another way of killing us with more fees in an already oppressive field.

National Notary Association

12 Jan 2015

The exam covers three areas: The Code of Conduct, Signing Script and sound mortgage finance and real property signing practices. The code and script are available on the SPW website, detailing what the committee has established are best practices. These documents will be updated and shared as needed, so the information on the exam is all available for free and Notaries can review everything, anytime, and anywhere without needing to purchase an education course if they prefer to study on their own.

08 Mar 2015

If you print the guide and notary conduct all the answer are in it. I passed it the first time using both of those. it has definitions and the conduct. And its free

Freida Carr

17 Apr 2015

Great Course worth the money I paid.

05 Jun 2015

I'm in agreement with those that question why the correct answers aren't shown. I'm certified in California through the classroom training I took and for the life of me, I keep failing the NNA exam. The last time I took it, I did WORSE because I'm now second-guessing myself. I did print out the Code of Conduct but am not sure what 'guide' you're referring to. What/where is that? I'd sure love to have that, too. I know what is required in California and this is really making me crazy! The ONLY reason I'm trying to pass this is to have one more to show potential agencies/contracting companies. What am I missing? Anyone???? Thanks!

27 Jun 2015

I completed the test. I did pass on the first try. However, it would be nice to know which questions you missed.

09 Jul 2015

I wholeheartedly agree with the comments about questions missed. I took the test last month and failed, went through the training AGAIN, then retook the test and passed (40 out of 45). I did do some second-guessing as well, so it would be good to know which questions I missed.

02 Sep 2015

Yes, please advise a system that will provide the most efficient way of increasing our knowledge by explaining which answers were better suited for the questions asked. Asan NSA I would like to repeat good habits not bad ones. Respectfully, CWL

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