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Navigating Notary Financial Liability: NSA Webinar Series

June 23, 2011

In an increasingly litigious world, Notaries can ill afford to make mistakes that result in costly lawsuits. Even if the mistake is unintentional, you can often end up paying the price. Surety bonds protect the public against legal action, but they do not protect you.

Our 60-minute webinar will discuss how you can protect yourself against financial liability.

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Bill Anderson, NNA V.P. of Best Practices and eNotarization, discusses liability issues impacting the Notary community. Richard Busch, Attorney for Merchants Bonding Co., accompanies Bill and talks about how he helps limit losses on claims involving Notaries.

Topics Covered:

  • Types of cases resulting in claims against a bond and insurance
  • Acts Notaries typically commit resulting in claims
  • Amount of damages typically awarded
  • Steps Notaries can take to protect themselves against a claim
  • What Notaries should do if a claim is filed against them
  • Statute of limitations in force for Notary misconduct
  • Advantages of having a Notary E&O Insurance policy
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