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Confidently Identify Loan Documents That Need Notarization

December 8, 2011

Making sure certain documents in a loan package are notarized is critical for ensuring that loans are signed on time. Failing to do so can cause unnecessary and costly delays. Most Signing Agents know the mortgage or deed of trust must be notarized, but can you confidently recognize the other documents that must be notarized as well? Loan packages differ from lender to lender and it isn't always easy to spot them. When you identify one that you think should be notarized, you discover your job is not an exact science.

Our 60-minute webinar will discuss how Signing Agents can confidently recognize documents, in loan document packages, that must be notarized and how to handle them properly.

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Laura Biewer, NNA Instructor and Certified NSA

Topics Covered:

  • Familiarizing yourself with loan documents that always must be notarized and knowing why
  • Recognizing common and less common loan documents typically notarized
  • Distinguishing loan documents that are sometimes notarized and sometimes not
  • Identifying challenging documents that must be notarized and learning how to notarize them
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