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Law Updates

Aug  01,  2012  - Louisiana
LA House Bill 361 - HB 361 permits a Notary validly commissioned in his or her parish to notarize in all adjacent parishes with a population of less than 40,000 and in which he or his employer maintains an office without having to submit an additional bond or application, or having to take an examination. In addition, the Notary no longer must file the affidavit stating the location of his or her office and obtain a dual commission.

Jul  18,  2012  - Nebraska
NE Legislative Bill 398 - Senate Bill 1466 allows election commissioners to administer oaths and affirmations using the county seal, prohibits an applicant for a Notary commission to be appointed if the applicant has been convicted of a crime involving fraud or dishonesty within the previous five years, permits nonresidents of a bordering state to hold a Nebraska Notary commission if they have a regular place of work or employment in Nebraska, repeals the authority of a Notary to protest commercial paper, modifies rules for the removal from office of a Notary, and authorizes the Secretary of State to enact rules and regulations.

Jul  05,  2012  - Pennsylvania
PA House Bill 970 - Pennsylvania becomes the twenty-seventh state to enact the Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording Act, enabling county recorders of deeds to accept electronic real property documents for recording in conformance with technical standards set by an 13-member Electronic Recording Commission.

Jul  01,  2012  - Indiana
IN House Bill 1005 - House Bill 1005 clarifies that for the purposes of the Indiana Constitution the office of Notary Public is not considered a lucrative office. Thus, as a result of this new law, Notaries Public can hold other public offices in the state at the same time without violating the Indiana Constitution.

Jul  01,  2012  - Utah
UT Senate Bill 144 - As the immigrant population swells across the country, in recent years certain states have enacted statutes regulating the activities of so-called immigration consultants or specialists. The states of California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and New York have immigration consultant statutes on the books, and now Utah joins them in enacting its own comprehensive chapter of immigration consultant laws.

Jul  01,  2012  - Wyoming
WY House Bill 35 - House Bill 35 clarifies that the statutory “short form” notarial certificates contained in Section 34-26-108 of the Wyoming Statutes are presumptive evidence of the facts the Notary certified in performing the notarial act – specifically relating to the facts surrounding acknowledgments signed in an individual and representative capacity.

Jul  01,  2012  - Wisconsin
WI Senate Bill 390 -

Jul  01,  2012  - Virginia
VA Senate Bill 270 - Senate Bill 270 removes the requirement that an electronic Notary must take an oath of office before the clerk of the circuit court and clarifies that under certain specified conditions a Notary may notarize a document in which the Notary is named without having a conflict of interest.

Jul  01,  2012  - Florida
FL House Bill 7055 - House Bill 7055 repeals the authority of the Department of State to issue administrative rules related to authentication of a civil law Notary’s signature and seal.

Jul  01,  2012  - South Dakota
SD House Bill 1045 - House Bill 1045 defines a “no contest clause” in a trust document and provides that a no contest clause is enforceable against a beneficiary contesting the trust settlor’s signature when the challenge does not in any way constitute good, probable or reasonable cause, provided the settlor’s signature was either witnessed by nonrelative witnesses or a nonrelative Notary, or both.

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