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Law Updates

Feb  15,  2012  - Iowa
IA Administrative Rule (Commission Revocation) - This administrative rule covers matters related to the revocation of a Notary's commission.

Jan  17,  2012  - New Jersey
NJ Assembly Bill 1050 - New Jersey Assembly 1050 clarifies the classification of the crimes of (a) knowingly engaging in the unauthorized practice of law and (b) knowingly engaging in the unauthorized practice of law as an immigration consultant. New Jersey Notaries are thereby put on notice that the state is taking violations of these offenses very seriously in criminal and civil proceedings and refusing to appoint as Notaries persons who have been convicted of either.

Jan  01,  2012  - California
CA Assembly Bill 1023 - Assembly Bill 2023 makes a non-substantive technical correction to Civil Code Section 1195.

Jan  01,  2012  - Alabama
AL Senate Bill 54 - Senate Bill 54 raises the fees a Notary may charge to $5, the amount of the bond to $25,000 and the commissioning fee to $10, and eliminates the outdated commission for county-appointed Notaries with countywide jurisdiction. Most important, however, is that SB 54 repeals the “fair register” or journal provisions in Alabama.

Jan  01,  2012  - Nevada
NV Senate Bill 77 - Senate Bill 77 enacts substantive amendments to Nevada law regulating Notaries who perform protests, how certain journal entries are recorded, security of the journal and seal, and allowing the Secretary of State to fingerprint commission applicants. The new law also imposes a maximum civil penalty of $2,000 on Notaries and the employers of Notaries for certain violations.

Jan  01,  2012  - Alabama
AL Senate Bill 53 - Alabama enacts the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, granting a power of attorney created under the Act a presumption of genuineness if it is acknowledged before a Notary or other officer authorized to take acknowledgments, and providing a statutory power of attorney form.

Jan  01,  2012  - Illinois
IL Senate Bill 62 - Senate Bill 62 clarifies that Notaries may take oaths of office, any other required oath, affidavits and depositions, not only in their respective counties, as the statute previously stated, but outside them as well.

Jan  01,  2012  - Illinois
IL House Bill 350 - House Bill 350 allows a Notary to accept as satisfactory evidence an identification document issued by a consulate. Amended Section 5 ILCS 312/6-102 is effective until July 1, 2013.

Jan  01,  2012  - California
CA Assembly Bill 75 - Assembly Bill 75 prohibits the performance of proofs of execution on a power of attorney or any other document for which a journal thumbprint is required. It also updates the statutory proof of execution certificate. It limits the performance of protests to those Notaries employed by a financial institution and who perform protests during the course of their employment and removes the statutory fees for performing a protest.

Jan  01,  2012  - Michigan
MI Senate Bill 252 - Senate Bill 252 institutes tougher criminal penalties for knowingly notarizing real property and mortgage transactions in violation of Michigan’s Notary Public Act.

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