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OK House Bill 1547


State: Oklahoma
Signed: May 15, 2024

Effective: November 01, 2024
Chapter: 299


House Bill 1547 requires a settlement agreement on behalf of a minor to be signed and sworn to before a Notary Public.


Amends Title 12, Section 83 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

  1. Requires settlement agreements involving a minor child to be completed by an adult and subscribed and sworn to before a Notary.
  2. Provides a statutory affidavit form.

Under House Bill 1547, a minor’s parent or guardian may enter into a settlement agreement outside of a court proceeding with a person against whom the minor has a claim if a guardian ad litem, guardian, or conservator has not been appointed for the minor, and the total amount of the settlement proceeds is greater than $1,500 and less than or $25,000 after reduction from the total settlement amount of all medical expenses, medical liens, all other liens, and reasonable attorney fees and costs.

House Bill 1547 stipulates execution requirements for these settlement agreements. Settlement agreements must be signed and sworn to before a Notary Public.

Read House Bill 1547.