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MN House File 1830


State: Minnesota
Signed: May 24, 2023

Effective: July 01, 2024
Chapter: 62

House File requires the school manager or owner to have their signatures notarized on a proof of completion for hair technician training completed at their school.
Amends Section 155A.23 of and adds Section 155A.2705 to the Minnesota Statutes.
  1. Defines "hair technician" as any person who, for compensation, performs personal services for the cosmetic care of the hair on the scalp. Hair technician services include cutting the hair and the application of dyes, bleach, reactive chemicals, keratin, or other preparations to color or alter the structure of the hair.
  2. Requires proof of completion certificate of hair technician training to include the notarized signatures of the school manager or owner.

The National Notary Association tracks lots of bills that require a particular document or proof of qualification for a professional license to be notarized. The latter is the case with House File 1830. A “hair technician” (not to be confused with a hair stylist) must undergo 900 hours of coursework and planned clinical instruction from a Minnesota-licensed cosmetology school. House File 1830 simply requires the proof of completion certificate to include the notarized signatures of the school manager or owner.,

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