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Bonds & E&O Insurance – What’s the Difference?

Notary Bonds: Protection for the Public

In many states, every Notary is required by law to purchase a Notary surety bond, which is designed to protect the public from financial harm that results in any negligent mistake or intentional misconduct committed by a Notary while performing a notarization.

A Notary bond is not insurance protection for Notaries.

If a claim is made against your Notary bond, you’re required by law to pay it back. You could also be held personally responsible for any additional costs above the amount of your bond, which might include court costs, legal fees and other expenses.

However, if you have a Notary bond and an E&O Insurance policy with the NNA, your insurance policy could protect losses on your Notary bond that you would otherwise be required to repay.

Get your state-required Notary bond individually or as part of a New or Renewing Notary Supply Package.

Notary E&O Insurance: Protection for Notaries

A Notary Errors and Omissions (E&O) policy protects you, as a Notary, should you make an unintentional mistake or omission while notarizing, or if someone files a false claim against you.

An NNA Notary E&O Insurance policy will provide you with protection from these and other losses and risks:

  • Financial damages from a notarization mistake or omission filed against your NNA Notary bond.
  • Unintentionally violating a law while notarizing.
  • Being named in a lawsuit even if you did nothing wrong.
  • An imposter counterfeiting your seal containing your commission information and forging your signature on a document without your knowledge.

Don’t assume you are covered by your employer. You alone are responsible for every notarization you perform.

Notary E&O Insurance from the NNA will cover your expert legal defense in addition to your claim, legal fees and court costs, up to the limit of your policy coverage amount. And it requires no deductible and no repayment of losses.

Policies are very affordable and start at just pennies a day.