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Notary Books

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2016 ID Checking Guide: US & CanadaDetails

2016 ID Checking Guide: US & Canada
NNA Recommended

An up-to-date reference tool that provides valid formats for drivers licenses and other identification documents. Available to commissioned Notaries only. Proof of commission required. The information in this guide is valid through February 28, 2017. Limit one per customer.

101 Useful Notary TipsDetails

101 Useful Notary Tips

These tips help you execute smooth, quick and easy notarizations every time.

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12 Steps to a Flawless NotarizationDetails

12 Steps to a Flawless Notarization

The twelve steps to a proper notarization are outlined in this helpful guide.

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ID Checking Guide: International EditionDetails

ID Checking Guide: International Edition

This is the most comprehensive, printed coverage of international ID documents, covering 180 countries and more than 600 driver’s licenses and identity cards.

Notary Home Study CourseDetails

Notary Home Study Course

This comprehensive guide includes simple and complete explanations of everyday notarial procedures.

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Notary Law & Practice: Cases & MaterialsDetails

Notary Law & Practice: Cases & Materials

Case, law and subject on all you need to know about Notaries and he unauthorized practice of law.

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Notary Practices & GlossaryDetails

Notary Practices & Glossary

An invaluable guide to proper Notary practices and procedures.

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Sorry Borrower...No Can Do!Details

Sorry Borrower...No Can Do!

Easily explains to a borrower why you must refuse some notarization requests.

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Sorry Boss...No Can Do!Details

Sorry Boss...No Can Do!

Easily explain to your employer why you must refuse requests for improper notarizations.

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Sorry No Can Do! 1Details

Sorry No Can Do! 1

This book was created to avoid the haggling between you and your customers over what you can and cannot notarize. You'll find written responses to ten common notarization requests for improper notarizations.

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