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Kentucky Electronic Notary Products

There may be additional steps to take before you can use an electronic Notary seal or digital certificate. Check with your state's commissioning authority for more information.

The digital certificates and electronic Notary seal listed below are accepted by Clear Sign, Cyberize It, EscrowTab, KYS-Tech,  NotaryCam,, Pavaso, Qualia, SafeDocs, Secured Signing, SIGNiX and Stavvy. If you are working with a different platform provider, please verify that these products are compatible with their systems before purchasing.

Learn more about the difference between eSeals, eSignatures and digital certificates.

Learn more about becoming a Remote Online Notary.

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Basic assurance digital certificate vouchers are non-refundable once the voucher email has been sent.

Basic Assurance Digital Certificate Voucher

Basic Assurance Digital Certificate Voucher

Most electronic and remote online notarization platforms require a digital certificate for Notary Public. A digital certificate provides security for electronic documents and is tamper evident, as required in most states.

Use this voucher to get a "Basic Assurance Digital Certificate" from IdenTrust, a leading provider of digital certificates for industries around the world.

Refunds are not available once the voucher email has been sent.

Expedited shipping not available for this product.


DETAILS $81–$195

Kentucky eSeals

Kentucky eSeals

An eNotary seal is a must for completing electronic and remote online notarizations. As soon as you receive your electronic Notary seal, you can use it for the duration of your commission.

Expedited shipping not available for this product. Your Certificate of Appointment will be required before your seal is produced and emailed.