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The NSA Badge – NNA Trained and Certified

National Notary Association Notary Signing Agents (NSAs) are certified to facilitate mortgage closings. NSA badges are posted on websites and with email salutations, showing signers that a member is:

  • Certified as a Notary Signing Agent
  • Compliant with real estate industry regulations that require the safeguarding of borrowers' private financial information
  • Committed to standards of ethics that access to confidential financial information entails
  • Part of a select group within the nation's largest and most active Notary association

Notaries are Public Officials commissioned by the state and bound by laws that hold them accountable for properly identifying signers, taking acknowledgments, administering oaths and maintaining records in the performance of their notarial acts. The Notary's official commission and all attendant responsibilities belong exclusively to the Notary and no one else, including the Notary's employer. Protecting integrity and the public trust are fundamental to the Notary.


Any person who displays or otherwise uses the NNA Certified Notary Signing Agent logo is self-verifying that they have successfully passed the NNA’s certification exam and annual background screening, and is not a guarantee by the NNA that such person has completed the certification program. For more information on the certification process, please click here.

Founded in 1957, the National Notary Association (NNA) is the leading authority on the American Notary Public office and recognized nationally and internationally as the preeminent educator and conveyor of ethical best practices for U.S. Notaries.