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An Essential Notary Tool

The use of a Notary seal stamp or embosser is required in Alabama. Notaries are advised to keep their seal in a secure location when not in use.

The NNA offers several different stamp choices that are in compliance with Alabama state regulations.

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Professional StampDetails

Professional Stamp

This Professional Stamp has a unique modern design and can be used on any document that requires your official Notary seal.

The solid metal construction made of brushed stainless steel has a frame that is rock-solid, yet light weight and compact, guaranteeing the greatest possible stability and durability.

Guaranteed for the length of your state's commission term.

Commission-Date Blank Line StampDetails

Commission-Date Blank Line Stamp

This fill-in-the-blank commission date stamp can be used with your official Notary seal if your seal does not include the expiration date of your commission. Not intended for use as a Notary seal.

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Commission-Date StampDetails

Commission-Date Stamp

This commission date stamp can be used with your official Notary seal if your seal does not include the expiration date of your commission. Not intended for use as a Notary seal.

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Embossment InkerDetails

Embossment Inker

This simple-to-use device applies ink to the raised portion of your embossment, making it photographically reproducible. Makes your embossments legal seals in many states. For use with NNA Seal Embossers.

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Gold Foil SealsDetails

Gold Foil Seals

Add the classic touch to your notarizations with these permanent gold foil seals. Each seal is 2" diameter. 100 seals per package.

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Hand-Held Notary Seal EmbosserDetails

Hand-Held Notary Seal Embosser

Easy to use, easy to store, this embosser has a soft rubber grip to make it more comfortable in your hand. Provides clear, crisp seal embossments every time! May be used in conjunction with a seal stamp.

Journal Efficiency StampsDetails

Journal Efficiency Stamps

HUGE time-savers when completing journal entries for Notaries who perform a high volume of notarizations.

Choose from: Jurat, Acknowledgment, Date and CA DMV# (CA only)

Jurat StampDetails

Jurat Stamp

Compliant with Notary law, this stamp can be used in place of a loose certificate. Not intended for use as a Notary seal.

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Mini Blackout Stamp Refill Details

Mini Blackout Stamp Refill

This refill is designed to properly fit the Mini Blackout Stamp and uses specially formulated oil-based ink with a pattern specifically designed to mask printed letters. Re-inking your old pad is not recommended as stamp will not work as intended.

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Mini Blackout Stamp with RefillDetails

Mini Blackout Stamp with Refill

A simple and convenient alternative to a paper shredder, this blackout stamp masks long lines of text in a single application to help you keep private information private. The small size of the mini roller fits easily into your desk drawer, pocket or handbag. Includes one replacement ink cartridge.

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