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Official Journal of Notary Acts Hardcover
Official Journal of Notary Acts

One of the most important things you can do as a Notary is keep a journal of your official acts. A journal record shows your care for proper procedures, protecting you from false claims of misco... (more)

Item #06697

Official Journal of Notarial Acts-Softcover
Official Journal of Notarial Acts - Softcover

Economical softcover. Includes illustrated, step-by-step instructions. To save 10% on orders of five or more, call 1-800-876-6827.

Item #05350

Notary Receipt Book
Notary Receipt Book

Recognize the payments you receive...and conveniently keep your business records up to date. Our Notary Receipt Book is specially designed for your needs as a Notary. Includes special entry spac... (more)

Item #05396

Inkless Thumbprinter
Inkless Thumbprinter

Compact touch pad provides dependable service. Special inking solution wipes away clean. Makes up to 600 prints.

Item #05661

Professional Thumbprinter
Professional Thumbprinter

Easy to use! Makes up to 1,000 prints...even if left open! Special inking solution wipes away clean without soap and water. Lid lays flat for easy access, or it may be removed. The large 1 &frac... (more)

Item #06670

Notary Privacy Guard
Notary Privacy Guard

Notary Privacy Guard® is a new Notary journal tool that prevents identity theft and mortgage fraud by blocking non-public personal information (NPPI) from prying eyes.

... (more)

Item #07320
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