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September NNA® Hotline Questions
How Do I Record Credible Witness Information In My Journal?
Can I Notarize A Copy Of A Marriage Certificate?
Am I allowed to notarize a copy of a marriage certificate?

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Can A Lawyer Subpoena Sections Of My Notary Journal?
Can A Jurat Signature Be Corrected?
If someone mistakenly signs a document needing a jurat outside the presence of the Notary, can it be crossed out and re-signed?

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Beyond the Basics
Beyond the Basics
FAQ: Notarizing Proof Of Life Documents
Notaries are sometimes presented with foreign “Proof of Life” documents with unusual instructions. Here are answers to FAQs with these documents.
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Test Your Knowledge
Test Your Knowledge
Quiz: Foreign Language Barriers
Take our quiz to see if you know the best way to resolve foreign language issues during a notarization.
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Your Community
Beware Phone Scammers Posing As Notary Surety Bond Companies
Charlottesville Victim Was A Virginia Notary Public
5 Things To Remember When Preparing For Your First Notarization
How To Notarize For A Visually Impaired Signer
Association News
Notary Community Rallying For Harvey Relief Efforts
Avoiding Mistakes On Election-Related Notarizations
Notary Survey: Employees Performing Webcam Notarizations At Bosses' Request
Notaries And Impartiality