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November NNA® Hotline Questions
How Do I Record Credible Witness Information In My Journal?
Do I Have To Keep Copies Of Documents That I Notarize?
Do Notaries have to keep copies of notarized documents as part of their records?

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Can A Lawyer Subpoena Sections Of My Notary Journal?
What If There Is No Certificate Wording?
What should a Notary do if presented with a document with no notarial wording?

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Beyond the Basics
Beyond the Basics
Notarizing For Minors: Special Considerations
If you are asked to notarize a child's signature, these guidelines will help answer if the notarization is permitted and what ID you can accept.
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Test Your Knowledge
Test Your Knowledge
Quiz: Dealing With Expired ID
Do you know what to do if a signer presents you with outdated identification? Take our quiz and find out.
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Your Community
Civility In Crisis: What You Can Do About It
What To Do If Your Seal Or Journal Goes Missing
Are International IDs Acceptable For Notarizations?
How To Complete A Jurat
Association News
The Official 2017 NNA Census: Notaries Are On The Rise Again
Notary Essentials: How Do I Handle A Credible Identifying Witness?
Call For Notary Of The Year 2018 Nominees
How To Complete An Acknowledgment