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Resources for employers

If Notaries play an important role in your organization, then so should your Notary management program. Take a look at some of the resources we offer to help your program run smoothly.

If you’re looking to standardize your Notary operations, ordering supplies a la carte means more work and more room for inconsistency. Let us pre-set your custom supply packages to simplify the process.

Check out how easy it can be.

Simplify your organization’s oversight of your Notary workforce while ensuring that they’re qualified and trained. Track commission expiration dates and more with this easy-to-use management system.

Learn more about Notary Tracker ®.

Sometimes, the best solutions are the simplest. Whether or not your state requires your Notaries to keep their stamp and journal under lock and key, here’s a best-practice solution to being safe and compliant.

See what we recommend.

The lessons learned from a large, complex organization are scalable for companies of any size. Find out how JPMorgan Chase & Co. developed a nation-wide program to manage tens of thousands of Notaries.

Learn from the example set by Chase.

Set up standards without recreating the wheel.

Curious what your organization’s Notary standards should include? Take a look at a few sample pages of our Standards for Notary Practice. To get the full document for review, please complete the form below.

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