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Notary supplies and services for your employees

Let Trusted Notary simplify the ordering process with customized supply packages from the National Notary Association. Outfit your team easily and efficiently with the items they need to become a Notary Public in their state.

Official Notary Journal

Protect your organization by requiring your Notaries to maintain a record of their acts, whether required by law or not. This is one of the most important professional practices a Notary can adopt.

Official Notary Seal Stamp

Most states have some manner of official Notary seal requirements. We can provide state-compliant seal stamps and seal embossers for your Notaries in every state.

Notary Primer

Provide your Notaries with a book of state laws and procedures in easy-to-understand terms. You can select from the available state-specific versions or get the complete U.S. Notary Primer.

Notary Surety Bond

Let us help your Notaries comply with state bonding requirements. We’ll provide the necessary surety bond (required in 32 states) plus the next-steps your Notaries must take after receiving their bond.

Notary Certificate Form Pads

Ensure that your Notaries are using the correct certificate wording for every type of notarial act every time. Kept up-to-date for every state, each preprinted pad contains 100 certificates.

Notary Carry-All with Lock

Most states recommend or require the Notary’s stamp and/or journal to be kept safe when not in use. Our carry-all with lock is a convenient way for your Notaries to store and secure their necessary supplies.

NNA® Hotline

An essential resource! Support your employees with over-the-phone guidance from our Notary experts. We can answer their questions and help them comply with laws and regulations for all 50 states.

Learn about all that we offer.

Curious about other supplies and services to help your Notary-employees succeed? Contact us by filling out this form. With our thanks, you’ll get “An Employer’s Guide to Managing Its Notary Workforce” to download.

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