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Pennsylvania Notary Remediation Training

We're sorry. Pennsylvania Notary Remediation Training is not available for use by notaries in Virginia. If the chosen state is incorrect, you may change your state at the top right of the page.

The 3-hour or 6-hour training product fulfills the requirement for Pennsylvania Notaries to take remediation training depending on the amount of hours of remediation training you have completed previously.

  • Details

    The 3-hour state-approved training consists of three previoulsy recorded presentations. The speakers are legal experts: Professor Michael Closen and Mike Phillips, attorney-at-Law, and an expert in Notary management, Kelcia Cannon. They present The Do’s of Notarization, The Don’ts of Notarization, and The Three Court Cases Every Notary Should Know.

    The 6-hour remediation training product contains two 3-hour trainings. Completing both will fulfill the remedial training requirement for Notaries in Pennsylvania.

    The first training is a 3-hour course titled Pennsylvania Required Notary Training Online and is the state-required training that new and renewing Notaries complete. It covers the policies, regulations, and requirements for a Notary Public in the state of Pennsylvania.

    The second training is a 3-hr. course titled Pennsylvania 3-hr. Notary Remediation Training and is a collection of three videos previously recorded at the NNA’s annual Notary conference. The workshops presented are: The Do’s of Notarization, The Don’ts of Notarization and The Three Court Cases Every Notary Should Know.

    You must watch the videos in their entirety to successfully complete these training courses.

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    We are constantly updating our online courses to include the latest law, information, and best practices. Our online courses are designed to give you the entire educational experience that you need in order to complete and advance your Notary practice.

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